Boracay Solo Trip part II

At last!! Sinipag din ako and so, my Boracay solo trip part two is finally here yeeeey! Photos were officially revived from my archived hehe but first of all, I hoped you’ve already read the first part here’s the link,  My 1st Solo Trip at Boracay Island Assuming you did read the first part, you … Continue reading Boracay Solo Trip part II


It’s been months of hardships and sadness, that soon will transform into days of gladness. No more sleepless nights, thinking how are you doing? Instead there will be us holding tight and renewing, those lonely nights and dull days full of longing. We will surely conquer the space between our hearts. Despite of all the … Continue reading Waiting

My 1st Solo Trip- Boracay Island part I

Ever since, I have always had this desire: to live alone in a new place or at least, traveling alone to somewhere beautiful, where I can experience new culture and adventures, meet new people, practice independence. But it has been just a wish written somewhere on one of my old journals. It's just a wish, … Continue reading My 1st Solo Trip- Boracay Island part I

Surigao Del Sur Part I

One morning in Davao, when we are about to have our breakfast, Venz showed me his mobile phone. He was contacting various travel agencies; that can accommodate us traveling to Surigao Del Sur. One of the top-listed places I always wanted to visit, and since our desire travel dates are on weekends, he is having … Continue reading Surigao Del Sur Part I

Summer in February at Casa Antonio, Calatagan Batangas

It's always been on my bucket list to try beach camping with someone special to me, and it will be a big waste for me not to share it. Plus, I also think that creating this will make it even more special and memorable to me. This dream date of mine happened last February in … Continue reading Summer in February at Casa Antonio, Calatagan Batangas

A Folly Thought Called You

He said “I love you,” held my hands and kissed my lips. I smiled and hoped not to wake up from this sleep. One hand on the steering wheel, the other was stroking my hair. I wish this journey could lead a destination somewhere. Just a little more time to cherish this stolen moment, before … Continue reading A Folly Thought Called You

An Open Letter to Someone So Gorgeous: Things I Must and Yet I Can’t Say to You

Meet me we should talk. Words I’ve blurted after I’ve stalked you. 9pm, you look so gorgeous smiling at me, and I can’t say anything and become dumb. “I deserve thousand times better than this” Words I have no strength to say when we kissed, I have all the chances but chose to pretend. I … Continue reading An Open Letter to Someone So Gorgeous: Things I Must and Yet I Can’t Say to You