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3am they called it witching hours It truly is, cause I seemed bewitched to you again I wanna see you, not now hopefully, sooner I want you to stare at me To my eyes, heart and soul That you didn’t hesitate to tear down

Monochromatic Days

Sunday Currently 02

  Hello, I’m back after a month! And I know this is not a suitable comeback blog entry, I have been busy this past few day and Ohh I just reached 22 years of living last October, hopefully, I can write sooner about it but I guess this will be enough, for now, to catch… Continue reading Sunday Currently 02

Writings & Books

NORWEIGAN WOOD By Haruki Murakami

First and foremost this book is not advisable to be read under 18yrs of age. Why? Because of the blunt portrayal of the Author towards sex and men’s need for human warmth, in a way that you’ll not think you’re reading a porno book, well you really not!! But I think, the abnormality of Naoko… Continue reading NORWEIGAN WOOD By Haruki Murakami


My First Weekend Escapade Prt II Vigan

When we retured searching for  Pusong Bato the whole gang are already waiting for us in the Van, we drove three hours from La Union to Vigan; Im so tired and exhausted but the idea of finally going to Vigan and was able to walk at Calle Crisologo makes me so excited to the point that… Continue reading My First Weekend Escapade Prt II Vigan


My First Weekend Escapade Prt 1 La Union ft. Pusong Bato

Going to Vigan and Pagudpud has always been number one on my bucket list since high school and I’m lucky enough to have a chance to come in La Union too!! I’m still high on my happiness because of this weekend escapade, actually I already declined this invitation three times because I’m still saving money… Continue reading My First Weekend Escapade Prt 1 La Union ft. Pusong Bato


This is Me Cherishing Your Goodbye 

It’s been long months but feels like it’s already been a decade when you say goodbye; funny how I used to feel it on the contrary, but frankly speaking even before everything was perfect and pure I always expected that one day you will say goodbye and yet its still feels like a nightmare. It… Continue reading This is Me Cherishing Your Goodbye