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A Folly Thought Called You

He said “I love you,” held my hands and kissed my lips. I smiled and hoped not to wake up from this sleep. One hand on the steering wheel, the other was stroking my hair. I wish this journey could lead a destination somewhere. Just a little more time to cherish this stolen moment, before… Continue reading A Folly Thought Called You

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An Open Letter to Someone So Gorgeous: Things I Must and Yet I Can’t Say to You

Meet me we should talk. Words I’ve blurted after I’ve stalked you. 9pm, you look so gorgeous smiling at me, and I can’t say anything and become dumb. “I deserve thousand times better than this” Words I have no strength to say when we kissed, I have all the chances but chose to pretend. I… Continue reading An Open Letter to Someone So Gorgeous: Things I Must and Yet I Can’t Say to You

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Once Again

By: Maureen Love Not too long ago when I made vowed, To give me a peace of mind and serenity That always being distraught by love And tear down by delusions of a happy ending But you came like a rain on an endless summer Your humor and charm made a change Your smile made… Continue reading Once Again


This is Why I Must Let Go

When you really want someone to be still part of your life you will humble yourself to them and keep them to stay is what really matters. Tonight I realized how perverted my thoughts on certain matters that are important for me and to this someone special to stay together. That’s when I decided to… Continue reading This is Why I Must Let Go

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Thoughts Between Surviving and Rebuilding

I’ve learned that when you’re in battle, how much you’ve been damaged doesn’t important but what matters is you survived and the lessons that you gain through surviving, so that you won’t be a warrior going into the same battle over again but instead a warrior that is armored with maturity, wiser mind and stronger heart who will not make the same mistake in the next battle.

Monochromatic Days

My First Ramen at Yori Yoi

Nowadays ramen restaurant with a delicious and affordable price are in trend so I’ve wanted to try but it always doesn’t happen with so many different reasons but after I’ve finally had my first taste on it with someone so dear to my heart I know now why…. Because heavens planned it be more memorable… Continue reading My First Ramen at Yori Yoi