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Tonight I’m tired of thinking,

Of all the shit thing that you’ve done.

I decided to end everything,

Embrace the fact that we’re nothing.

Though I don’t know where to start,

And not pretty sure if I can make it out.


Cause every time I think of our first December,

My self don’t know how to forget you

That December when I decided,

Decided to risk and entrust my heart to you.

New December has come to us,

And your love start to subside.


So I promise tonight will be the last time,

The last time that I will think of you this way.

The last time I will let myself vulnerable,

Vulnerable from your love and memories

Those bitter sweet memories we shared,

That was easily forgotten by you.


But one day you will remember everything,

From our epic first date that November,

Until the moment you chose to walk away,

To all our promises and plans.

Then you will realize that there was a girl

That there was me who love you so.


The girl who was willing to give up everything,

Nothing to offer but her love and loyalty.

The girl who was there when you have nothing

And was abandoned when you got everything.

The girl who has tried to do her best to understand you,

When you can’t even understand yourself.


Tonight I’m cutting off myself,

From all the love we used to have.

I’ll forget every moment that we shared,

Including those pain we’ve caused to each other.

Tonight I will forgive you for letting me go,

And expect you to do so for I’m giving up too.


I never thought I’ll have this kind of night

That I walk away with so much joy yet so much pain

But after tonight all of this will not matter

Aside from all the lesson learned I’ll keep.

Lessons that teach and will guide me,

How to love someone better than I did loving you.

Marc 27, 2016



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