Today I’m officially bum for one month. Out of my boredom, I found new hobby it is coloring it started last December when my team leader gave me a set of coloring book and pencil as an exchange gift but since I am focused on my review that time I couldn’t pay too much attention to it. Now I’m enjoying it and every time I’m filling those drawing a color feels like I’m an artist, It gives me peace of mind and decreases my stress.

 The problem is I’m having a not so pleasant reaction from others  including my family; they are like, “You’re too old for that.” (Duh! It’s adult coloring book that means it’s not only for kids) “What you want to go back to kindergarten?” and lastly is “You already finished college, and you still do that” They are funny and at the same time offensive, Sometimes I want to poke the color pencil in their eyes when they are getting on my nerves.

This is one of my favorite so far and I’m planning to write some quotes  and put it in a frame. 🙂 

There are times I’m thinking to give up, but I realized that what others think shall not matter to me. I shouldn’t give up something that makes me happy just because those people thought it’s odd; I don’t want to regret someday because I stop doing it just because of what they say when there is nothing wrong with it. You? Do you have something in your mind that you want to try, but think you’re too old or too young for it? Well, I encourage you to give it a try who knows? It can be the greatest time of your life or perhaps you can develop a talent or even make money from it or maybe like me it can help you release your stress or can give you peace of mind we never know unless we try.


“No one is to young to or too old for something that makes them happy” – Maureen ❤


It doesn’t matter if your work is perfect or not that beautiful like the one on the above after all what we chase is to make it us feel better and if you want to show them off don’t worry because nothing is perfect and practicing make it better.  So please do what you think makes you feel happy and better person!! 🙂





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