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The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson


Honestly Its my first time to write about a book I’ve read, hopefully it made sense and help you in anyway without being a spoiler. 🙂

One word to describe this book: CAPTIVATING.  I’m  not into a mystery genre but this book totally catch my interest and curiosity from the summary until the last  page and I was even surprise to found out that its beautifully blend with science fiction, its the first time that I really enjoyed reading a mystery/ science fiction genre.

Jenna Fox  has been on fatal accident that made her  in a coma for a year and woke up without recognizing anyone even her parents, including herself  and as she try to revive her memory of who she really was before she sense that her parents are hiding something about her so she decided to unfold the truth then later stand against her parents after she found out what they did to her, on a confusion if she can still accept the new Jenna or if the old Jenna would be happy of what she is now.

When Jenna slowly find herself over the course of the story is one of my favorite part because it made me ask myself what makes me a human? Is being a human is enough to be called ….. human? And it inspired to let my self be my definition of who I am and not by what other defines me. Reading this book also makes me realize up to what extent a parents can do for their child to keep them safe and alive. It also surprise me in the end the existence of Kayla Fox her presence make the end so meaningful and awesome but at the same time leave me a question.  

My rate for this book is 5 out of 5 😊




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