To Seniors & Alumnus


Last Saturday I woke up in a good mood expecting my rest day to be smooth sailing according to how I’d planned it on Friday night but what happened was a total contradiction.  I had sizzling argument with one of my alumnus in college who is already a Police Officer, it started on my Facebook post and I know I shouldn’t post something like this but I never expect13933031_1741705002770296_1128132919_n them to waste their time into one of my none sense thought, neither expect myself to be sensitive when he said that those alumnus who did not enroll in our review center handle by our Alma Mater are worst than a stinky fish (Maybe dahil tinamaan din ako? Lol) but what really provoke my patience is when his bullying my batch mate for not passing the board exam for two times in a row I know I’m not a superwoman or a hero but that is absurd! He was rubbing salt to an open wounds and we all know how the stress, nervous and pressure feels like preparing for the board exam!! how dare him as one of the successful alumnus to bully his lower year right ?  He even said  that I don’t know how to show respect to my  Seniors lol though he is pretty right I shouldn’t come down to his level but after what he said to me I believe he deserves it for his action also show that his not worthy of my respect as a senior either as a Police Officer.

We all aware that we’re always being perceived as arrogant, chaotic and wild, frankly speaking somehow it’s true especially in our college days but we still know how and who to respect right? What I’m trying to make sense here is, as an alumnus or seniors lets try our best to be f*cking sensitive and matured enough to our fellow criminology student, graduates especially to those who are going to take the board exam to be worthy of their respect because guys respect is not always given sometimes we have to earn it I’m not trying to portray myself as a polite one here because heaven knows how I disrespectful I am sometimes either saying that what I did was justifiable I only want to tell to all the Alumnus and Seniors who is reading this that

  • No matter how successful you are in our profession or in anything its never an excuse to demoralize and make fun of someone who’s still trying to figure out their path. 
  • What you achieved will not define you but how you treat those who surrounds you
  • Being witty is cool but to be insensitive of what others feelings is stupid.
  • Remember those shitty days you’ve been through before getting to where you are now? How would you feel if someone belittle you that time? 
  • We are already too old to be arrogant and disrespectful, freshmen and sophomore days are long gone.
  • Let our action be suitable to what we already are without keeping off our feet on the ground.

What I’ve Learned


I know I’m wrong and no matter how fuck*ed his word to me or he is to my batch mate I still cant justify the fact that I’ve been disrespectful to my Senior that  I act impulsively I shouldn’t  go down to his level but I still believe that he do really deserved it.



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