Too Much Excitement


How will I start this? Gosh, I’m so really disappointed eh. Everything was all settled. I already booked a flight for four people I even arranged my clothes good for five days and my vacation leave already approved. I was so excited telling everybody that it will be my first time to ride in airplane and after a decade I’m going to visit my mother’s hometown and then suddenly it was cancel ….. Pretty embarrassing right? I don’t know if it’s some coincidence but I just realized that every time I get so excited about something it always never happens. Am I making sense here?

There is lyrics on a song that said too much love would kill you and lemme say that too much excitement will disappoint you BIG TIME! And both of them will lead you to disaster because you will not notice the signs (It’s also in the song actually) juts a reminder guys everything that is too much is not healthy physically, mentally and emotionally.


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