Monochromatic Days

Sunday Currently 01

Happy Sunday everyone!! I was supposedly going to church but for  some personal reason I stayed home; suddenly I feel itchy to write something and do the Sunday Currently too. 🙂 So here it is!! Thanks to blog of Ms. Maine Mendoza THE PESSIMISTIC OPTIMIST BELLA because I found out this SC link up by siddatathornton. ❤️

Reading After You by Jojo Moyes, what if Will knew about Lilly before he goes to Dignitas will he still want to die? I know I shouldn’t be affected like this but I can’t help it. 😕

Writing my first ever blog entry about Sunday Currently and my next post about things when I was still a teenager.

Listening to new songs I uploaded to my tablet, my favorite is Never Be Like You by flume, don’t know why. 

Thinking how to have a will power to get out of my bed. 👯

Smelling the aroma of my new and old books to compare because I have this someone I knew; who really likes to smell old books so I’m also trying and finding which one would be good. New or Old? Am I into new books or old? 

Wishing my wifi connection was 10 times faster hahaha I can’t watch Korean drama properly eh 

Hoping Next week will be a smooth sailing and full of blessing. ❤️ And me to be productive about my plan reduce weight; oh please stop! I’m really aware that I badly need to be serious on my diet. 

Wearing my sleepwear pjs and spaghetti strap. I came back to bed as soon as I ate my lunch, you see why I’m hoping to have a productive week ahead? 😂

Wanting to find an interesting organization with a good cause or to know how to join Gabriela group. Any idea how guys? Thank you ❤️

Needing to get my netbook to be repaired because it’s sucks to use my cp and tablet to write a new post; maybe  next month hoping I have an extra budget for it. 😂

Feeling lazy as ever! I don’t want to get out of my bed.

Hopefully when the time I published this I was already out of bed and took at least my bath hahaha gross 🙊



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