My First Weekend Escapade Prt 1 La Union ft. Pusong Bato

Going to Vigan and Pagudpud has always been number one on my bucket list since high school and I’m lucky enough to have a chance to come in La Union too!! I’m still high on my happiness because of this weekend escapade, actually I already declined this invitation three times because I’m still saving money for this trip but my sister is so persistent to tag me and just thinking what regret I had if ever I really did not come to this trip frustrate me. Hahaha You know what? It’s really true that  things happen when we least expect and prepare for it. 😊❤️


My Sister’s High School Classmate with Ysay  who rock the trip!! ( Ate Mutya’s Daugther, we’re also with her Lola and their nanny) p.s Sorry about the quality of pictures haha I’m only using my iphone’s camera 😛

We all meet at our house then left around 11pm, made one stop at the   gasoline station and reached our first destination San Martin, La Union at around 4:30 am for our breakfast supposedly to swim in the public beach that was only 5 mins drive to Kuya Bino’s house. Unfortunetly there was a heavy rain the night before we arrived kaya hindi din kame natuloy mag swimming because they said it’s too dangerous because there is abrupt part in the sea where in just  one step the sea water is too deep and the waves are a bit strong and what makes me sad more is I wasnt able to watch the sunrise because of the food preparations. 


And big thanks to the so-called “PUSONG BATO” (heart stone)  that bring colors to this part of the trip, as soon as I heard about it I asked Devonne who is Kuya Bino’s son and Kuya Lits, my sister’s friend whose the only one who is not drinking alcohol at the broad daylight to guide accompany me to get there. Then the adventure begins …. 🙂


We spend our half and one hour searching for the heart stone walking by steep and sharp rocks that look like a big coral reef and taking pictures, asking Kuya Lit’s to take picture of me. 

Thank you this stick that has been a big help and comfort to me to this “FINDING THE PUSONG BATO CHRONICLE” haha Lol

Enter a caption




Kuya Lito and Dev


Kuya Lito and I climbed to this big stone. 



And this is what happened up there haha Pictorial! 

Happy Autistic here!! Haha ❤

I still can remember how afraid I am taking step to go down because the stone are sharp and slippery, big thanks to Kuya Lito who really helped and assisted me, haha  I still manage to smile and take a picture. 🙂 

But  we decided to go back because we’re too far away from the cottage plus we have to leave at 10am for our next destination which is Vigan!! But heavens really want me to see this so-called Pusong Bato because Kuya Bino said that there is a shortcut using the motorbike and I really begged kuya Lits to go with me again!!


Pero this time dumaan kame sa masukal na halamanan, ang daming tinik tapos umakyat sa mga bato ulit.

Are we out of the woods?


Nope we’re not yet, LOL haha


It’s really easier than climbing up and jumping to the other side. We even make a bet if I can pass through and this is how I looked like 😛 😀 


And we finally found it!! Too bad there is already cracked on it but it’s still worth it!! <3Dev said that no once place it there and was just found by some fishermen.



Seriously I just realized why we did not have a group picture? 

Me after I finally saw it 😀


Thank you!!

Coming up next the Vigan and Pagudpud part ❤ ❤ ❤



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