My First Weekend Escapade Prt II Vigan


When we retured searching for  Pusong Bato the whole gang are already waiting for us in the Van, we drove three hours from La Union to Vigan; Im so tired and exhausted but the idea of finally going to Vigan and was able to walk at Calle Crisologo makes me so excited to the point that I couldn’t think anything else. 

Before we go staight to Calle Crisologo we stop at Quirino bridge also known as Banaoang View Deck that connects the gap of Vigan and the ….. errrr sorry I don’t know the name of the other side. However  I  also remember that there is a Zip line from Vigan going to the other side of the bridge… It’s one of the things I miss in this trip hahaha though not because we’re in a hurry but because of a short budget. 😀 lol


But why I really liked Vigan? 

Vigan is one of the 7 new wonders city in the world and also one of the surviving city where you can still walk with the ambiance of Spanish Colonial.


But honestly, I don’t know I just feel like going there alone as if I’ll find something precious about me perhaps this is what they called ‘soul searching’ and though I was not able to wander in its beauty with this trip I’m still thankful, because it will be easier to get back alone next time. I’ll make sure that next time I will certainly have a quality time in Vigan because actually on this trip we just spend one or two hours.


There is one thing I’m sure about Calle Crisologo is it’s more beautiful and serene at dawn, without the crowds of tourist and you’ll surely get a picture perfect background. ❤


My sister as soon as she get off from the van keep on saying she want’s to ride in kalesa and I guess I’m really killjoy for not agreeing with her, later I knew that I would regret it after. Why? Because for only P 150 pesos, the kalesa will tour you to all the tourist spot in Vigan, that includes Bell Tower, clay pots making and the rest. I feel so envy with them!! Hahaha

This is also called Bell Tower 🙂

Beside from Calle Crisologo, we also went to Baluarte Zoo, a mini zoo privately owned by Gov. Chavit Singson. You can also see in his Safari Galery his collection of preserved dead animals that he got from animal hunting abroad.




That’s it!! 🙂

Stay tuned for the last part of this short trip!! Thank you ❤




























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