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NORWEIGAN WOOD By Haruki Murakami

First and foremost this book is not advisable to be read under 18yrs of age. Why? Because of the blunt portrayal of the Author towards sex and men’s need for human warmth, in a way that you’ll not think you’re reading a porno book, well you really not!! But I think, the abnormality of Naoko on sex with Kizuki and Toru after doing it once doesn’t make sense but I don’t know. Maye Toru was right, it was a psychological problem and nope I don’t like it’s sex parts especially with Reiko and Toru, yuck!! It’s totally gross.

Moving on; reading the work of Mr.Haruki will really make you feel depress like the character, and left you feeling empty. This sounds weird but, I have a love and hate feelings with this book, despite its flaw and parts that I find boring and nonsense I still liked every part of it. Even the most boring part which is for me, when Stormtrooper gave fireflies to Toru before he leaves, Oppps I know it’s been decade when it was published but I don’t want to be a spoiler to those who haven’t read it yet.

I don’t know how I was captivated by this book because honestly, the story was just plain with dark and disgusting past of the character and honestly, the story mostly run to two things only; sex and deaths. But somehow it’s powerful and worth reading but I will not recommend it

And since the first thing I thought after absorbing that I’m really finished with Toru’s labyrinth, is I want to listen to Norweigan Woods that Naoko’s favorite Song, let me share you this  Norweigan Wood by Beatles  


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