Monochromatic Days

Sunday Currently 02



Hello, I’m back after a month! And I know this is not a suitable comeback blog entry, I have been busy this past few day and Ohh I just reached 22 years of living last October, hopefully, I can write sooner about it but I guess this will be enough, for now, to catch up.

READING: Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwa; I been stuck on this book for almost a month actually well not because it’s boring but I’m just really busy.

WRITING: Does typing this counted? haha anyway, I’m consistently writing in my journal.

LISTENING: Remember by Dear Cloud this is an ost of KDrama Hello Monster/ I Remember You and I don’t know listening to it is even a good idea because it gives me chills and at the same time breaking my heart, I’m just so thankful that it at least gives the viewer a happy mysterious ending. But what can I expect? It’s a mystery, thriller, romantic “comedy” drama. Should I make a review? Hahaha moving on 😀 

SMELLING: The food on my back!! I haven’t eaten my lunch yet. My lunch? Hmmm, unfortunately, salted egg and fried fish are only left on the table since it’s already past 3pm. This is the perks of not eating at the right time. It becomes one of my bad habit no wonder I used to have an ulcer before.

THINKING: To make a new blog that contains all about South Korea but mostly on Dramas and Movies that I’ve watched and if having two different notebooks for my journal is a good idea or if I can maintain it. This will be the first time I’m doing it.

WISHING/ HOPING: That the petition for Scarlet Heart Ryeo season two will be approved though I think they are already making it or was already done. (Dang!! At least a special episode will do) Because the two lead character keeps on giving hints on their Instagram account.

LOVING: My new two journal books! 🙂

WANTING: To clear all my thoughts that are not good.


Just in case you want to give a try to what I’m currently listening, here’s a link from YouTube with english sub Hello Monster Ost. Remember You by Dear Cloud





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