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Have A Little Faith by Mitch Albom


Have you already read one of Mitch Albom books? If yes I’m sure you’ll agree that his book was not a heavy drama but will surely make your eyes teary and touch your heart and believe me that reading this book will somehow make you change your perspective in faith and religion. This book is full of lessons and reminder.

As for me, after I read this it makes me yearn to be part of something that I know can somehow change this world or at least someone’s lives just like how Pastor Henry did, Reading this will help you also to still believe that there is a man of God, head of church such as Rabbi Albert and Pastor Henry that are true to their faith, concern, and genuinely to help those in needs.

This books also gives me a reason to add united states, Detroit in my travel plans someday, I want to visit I Am My Brothers Keepers Church.
I’m not quite sure if I was able to describe how I felt and think about this book but I will surely not skip the lessons and reminders I found reading it.

1. We don’t need to bad mouth other religion or belief, as Rabbi Albert said in this book, “It is not faith but hate and when it happens God surely cries up there.”
2. A different belief and faith can co-exist helping each other to make a change in this world, in someone’s lives.
3. There is still a true and genuine man of God, leading a church because they believed that is how they supposed to be not because running a church or congregation makes a good business. Peace to those hypocrites server of God, may you have an autograph of Lucifer when you see him in hell.
4. We shall help those people in needs because it is a right thing to do not because they are a potential new church member. I know it is our obligation to share God’s word but not to comply them to convert their religion.
5. How to be faithful and stay contented in a commitment? It’s in the process of committing ourselves first in God.
6. Talking and having around a person who is spiritually matured is good and important as our daily devotions.
7. A religion is supposed to bring us closer to God not to turn us from other people who don’t share the same beliefs.
8. We should see someone from what he is instead of what he was.
9. Don’t dissolve friendship, trust, and team work because of different faith, religion and beliefs. You cant know how you two can make a change.
10. Good deeds will not save you nor guarantee your spot in heaven but your faith and commitment.
11. It does no good to be angry or carry grudges, it churns you up inside. It does you more harm than the object of your anger. Don’t let it get started. – Rabbi Albert Lewis


My Favorite Part

If not usually a spoiler sharing my thoughts on the book I read but if you don’t want to spoil before reading this I advise to skip this part. But still, hopes to continue to read it anyway.

This is just one of my favorite part. ♥ The others are when they Mitch and Al talk about commitment, those lines “A happiness you can’t find alone” has really given me an impact on my perspective in marriage life.

So here it is….

“When a baby comes into the world, its hands are clenched, right?

He made a fist.

“Why? Because a baby, not knowing any better, wants to grab everything, to say,

“The whole world is mine.”

“But when an old person dies, how does he do so? With his hands open. Why? Because he had learned the lesson.”

What lesson I asked.

“We can take nothing with us.”




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