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This Isn’t Good Bye

Sometimes goodbye is not necessary,
When you really meant to stop.
Hoping that one day you could be,
So special as he is to you.
Like how your simple conversation at night,
Can brighten your day tomorrow.

But you know that he will never be,
Learn to value your presence.
Because he is too much preoccupied,
serving his duty in that white coat.
And because you lived in two different worlds.

Therefore this ain’t goodbye,
Just a boundary to remind me.
That I used to be there for you,
Waiting when you’ll be free.
Free of whatever holds you to see me.

This ain’t goodbye,
It’s a ledger of all our times.
Those time we spend talking,
despite our language,
despite our time difference,
despite the million miles.
Where I’ll keep and leave those little hopes.

This ain’t a goodbye,
but a souvenir from a vacation that ends.
Or can be a certificate of proof,
how strong I’m infatuated to you.




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