What’s Wrong being Alone?


It’s hypocrisy if I tell that I’d never feel sad being alone and embarrassed when someone found out I did things by myself, or yearn to have an accompany sometimes but since it’s common feelings when we’re alone it’s okay. And maybe what’s not normal is encouraging you to be alone for a period of time until you’ve become proud of it. Why? Because what’s wrong being alone?

Maybe you would just laugh at me and think I’m saying this because I’m alone but have you tried it? No. Because you think it feels weird and pathetic Or your perception to those alone are pathetic and sad? Dude, you’re too judgemental and missing an important phase of your life and let me tell you that just because someone is alone doesn’t mean they are sad too. And you Loners, don’t feel sad and embarrassed about it but instead, you should gather your courage and strength because the journey of an alone is kinda wry but it will surely improve you a lot, but honestly at first it will force you to be stronger, independent and wiser how? YOU HAVE NO ONE. Remember? YOU ARE ALONE. YOU HAVE NO CHOICE DARLING but as time goes by you’ll realize that those three things are really you. But technically you’re not really alone or can less the feeling if you’re actively talking to God, not just going to church every Sunday.

Another good thing I figured out being alone are it will make you know yourself deeply, like what you truly want and what you don’t, you can think a lot about your life and decide better. You can also found new dreams and it is not true that when we are alone means our circle is small? No. 🙂 But it will depend on you, because if your approachable you can take advantage of your state by meeting new people and make them your friend or a new fling perhaps? Haha lol, you’ll also be more observant of your surroundings and please don’t feel so envy at others and self-pity on yourself too much. Believe me that no matter what situation are you if you always let yourself drown on those things you will not have the joy and instead suffocate you in your self-made hell.

After I realized this thing, I’m, now more embarrassed at myself than I used to feel when they found out that I’ve been to places alone, when I feel foolish when other people sympathise me just because I do things alone, now I feel like smacking their faces to wake up to see how much I feel proud achieving things without no one, how peaceful and less burden to mind myself alone. If you think being alone indicates weak person it’s not because the truth is those who are afraid of being alone are the real weak and loser. Missing a chance to see how strong and independent they are.

Do you agree? If not tell me why and what’s wrong being alone? But I think whether you’re alone, or full of accompanying it will always depend on how you perceive the issue to be happy and contended.




Thank you to my childhood friend May Ann for giving me her permission to use her picture here. 🙂



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