Welcome to the blog of mischievous girl who wants to be properly trained at the (Philippines National Police) camp but turned to be frustrated in writing. Lol, but seriously, I have been blogging since my first year in college and decided to delete in on my third year and I really regret it.You may wonder what made me blog again? Well first of all I miss it I miss the good feeling it gave me and One time my manager from my first job asked to describe ourselves, I said “I’m a frustrated writer” and he answered “Don’t say that I know someday someone will read and appreciate your works so here I am again pursuing my passion again. 🙂

I’ m aware that I don’t have a right to own a blog, I’m not that good in English ( If you see what I mean) or even that witty, but I believe you shouldn’t give up something that makes you feel better. Even if you’re not good on it. This blog is my personal corner where I vent all the things I want to share, like my thoughts and learning from various ups and down of my life journey hoping it can empower someone. 🙂 ❤