The Author


See that mischievous girl who smiles so happily? She is a licensed criminologist and soon to be Police Officer. She loves to read and running her highlighter into a phrase of whatever she’s reading that makes her emotion flicker, she’s into book starring rather than book sniffing, for her those books sitting on her bookshelf are her gems. She feels so rich waking up and seeing them every day.

That girl is complicated in so many ways. She loves the ocean and always dreamed of having a house near sea shore, it’s her happy place aside from her room but becomes paranoid when her feet can no longer feel the sand though she knows how to swim. She doesn’t know what is more significant between sunrise and sunset but surely wants to witness them both but if there is one thing that she is sure, that is she loves and enjoyed sipping a tea more than a coffee but don’t like adding honey or sugar to it.

She is also stuck between hopeless romantic and realist that’s why she is in a struggle on her journey to meet her Mr.Destiny. Troubles, regret, and mistakes are always knocking on her doorstep because she is impulsive and not wise enough in decision making and this blog is where she vent all of it. Her thoughts, interest, sentiments, and learnings from various ups and down of her life journey hoping it can somehow help the reader.

That girl is MAUREEN LOVE, none other than me. There are so many things I am and everything that is too long is kinda boring right? Though I wish those things I share about me in this page captivates your heart or your interest to follow my blog and visit it frequently. 🙂 ♥


Writing.  It’s her first love, companion, and confidant. She believes that writing does not require a skills or profession as long as you have passion and feeling for it then GO. Write everything up to your heart’s content and let no critics and side comments forbid you. Not good enough? no one has right to say your words are not good enough to write how you feel, as time goes by I’m sure your (my) writings will improve too just like those famous poet writers and biography author. 보기 하지마세요. 🙂