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My First Ramen at Yori Yoi

Nowadays ramen restaurant with a delicious and affordable price are in trend so I’ve wanted to try but it always doesn’t happen with so many different reasons but after I’ve finally had my first taste on it with someone so dear to my heart I know now why…. Because heavens planned it be more memorable… Continue reading My First Ramen at Yori Yoi

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My 1st PCAP Convention Experience

Wednesday, typical lunchtime for me when our HR department asked me to bring the tarpaulin to our booth at Midas Hotel and Casino where the Professional Criminologist Association of The Philippines was being held and stay there until 5 pm. O.a as you may call it but it was really a mixed emotion, back in… Continue reading My 1st PCAP Convention Experience

Monochromatic Days

Sunday Currently 02

  Hello, I’m back after a month! And I know this is not a suitable comeback blog entry, I have been busy this past few day and Ohh I just reached 22 years of living last October, hopefully, I can write sooner about it but I guess this will be enough, for now, to catch… Continue reading Sunday Currently 02

Monochromatic Days

Sunday Currently 01

Happy Sunday everyone!! I was supposedly going to church but for  some personal reason I stayed home; suddenly I feel itchy to write something and do the Sunday Currently too. 🙂 So here it is!! Thanks to blog of Ms. Maine Mendoza THE PESSIMISTIC OPTIMIST BELLA because I found out this SC link up by siddatathornton. ❤️ Reading After… Continue reading Sunday Currently 01