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The One That Got Away

They say every person has that someone, ‘The One Who Got Away’ and I will say you’re the one I pushed so hard to be out of my life. I feel stupid now. We’re so young back then, a fool and immature and it is not easy to admit it but lately I think I’ve… Continue reading The One That Got Away

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This Isn’t Good Bye

Sometimes goodbye is not necessary, When you really meant to stop. Hoping that one day you could be, So special as he is to you. Like how your simple conversation at night, Can brighten your day tomorrow. But you know that he will never be, Learn to value your presence. Because he is too much… Continue reading This Isn’t Good Bye

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This is Me Cherishing Your Goodbye 

It’s been long months but feels like it’s already been a decade when you say goodbye; funny how I used to feel it on the contrary, but frankly speaking even before everything was perfect and pure I always expected that one day you will say goodbye and yet its still feels like a nightmare. It… Continue reading This is Me Cherishing Your Goodbye