I’ve been told a Flirt and Here’s Why

It’s pretty normal to be misinterpreted and sometimes, to be labeled as something you never expected, to be called such names that are offensive on your part but just like storms it’s out of our control, therefore, we should be accustom to it because mother earth is filed of human beings who love to Judge,… Continue reading I’ve been told a Flirt and Here’s Why


What’s Wrong being Alone?

It’s hypocrisy if I tell that I’d never feel sad being alone and embarrassed when someone found out I did things by myself, or yearn to have an accompany sometimes but since it’s common feelings when we’re alone it’s okay. And maybe what’s not normal is encouraging you to be alone for a period of… Continue reading What’s Wrong being Alone?


Ryan Ely

Just like other years that passed when April 20 comes there is always a known gloomy ambiance in my house, my papa will do his best to play it cool but he is always the first one who will say what day it was and will come home drunk while mama can’t hide her sadness… Continue reading Ryan Ely

Open Letters · Thoughts

This is Me Cherishing Your Goodbye 

It’s been long months but feels like it’s already been a decade when you say goodbye; funny how I used to feel it on the contrary, but frankly speaking even before everything was perfect and pure I always expected that one day you will say goodbye and yet its still feels like a nightmare. It… Continue reading This is Me Cherishing Your Goodbye 


Too Much Excitement

How will I start this? Gosh, I’m so really disappointed eh. Everything was all settled. I already booked a flight for four people I even arranged my clothes good for five days and my vacation leave already approved. I was so excited telling everybody that it will be my first time to ride in airplane… Continue reading Too Much Excitement


To Seniors & Alumnus

Last Saturday I woke up in a good mood expecting my rest day to be smooth sailing according to how I’d planned it on Friday night but what happened was a total contradiction.  I had sizzling argument with one of my alumnus in college who is already a Police Officer, it started on my Facebook… Continue reading To Seniors & Alumnus



Today I’m officially bum for one month. Out of my boredom, I found new hobby it is coloring it started last December when my team leader gave me a set of coloring book and pencil as an exchange gift but since I am focused on my review that time I couldn’t pay too much attention… Continue reading HAPPINESS BOUNDS NO AGE