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I’m Slowly Learning That Everything Will Eventually Make Sense — Thought Catalog

God & ManI’m slowly learning that when your tears dry, your eyes will finally see the truth. Your eyes will finally uncover the truth you were so blind to see or believe. They will show you what really matters. Why things happened the way they did and why we sometimes we need to cry to… via… Continue reading I’m Slowly Learning That Everything Will Eventually Make Sense — Thought Catalog

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Free Food for Millionaire

This is my first time reading a novel that was written by Korean writer and characters portrayed by Koreans too, my ever since interest. So you might guess how I’ve become attracted to this book despite the fact that after reading up on five pages I turned to be so judgmental as if my writing… Continue reading Free Food for Millionaire

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This Isn’t Good Bye

Sometimes goodbye is not necessary, When you really meant to stop. Hoping that one day you could be, So special as he is to you. Like how your simple conversation at night, Can brighten your day tomorrow. But you know that he will never be, Learn to value your presence. Because he is too much… Continue reading This Isn’t Good Bye

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Have A Little Faith by Mitch Albom

Have you already read one of Mitch Albom books? If yes I’m sure you’ll agree that his book was not a heavy drama but will surely make your eyes teary and touch your heart and believe me that reading this book will somehow make you change your perspective in faith and religion. This book is… Continue reading Have A Little Faith by Mitch Albom

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3am they called it witching hours It truly is, cause I seemed bewitched to you again I wanna see you, not now hopefully, sooner I want you to stare at me To my eyes, heart and soul That you didn’t hesitate to tear down

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NORWEIGAN WOOD By Haruki Murakami

First and foremost this book is not advisable to be read under 18yrs of age. Why? Because of the blunt portrayal of the Author towards sex and men’s need for human warmth, in a way that you’ll not think you’re reading a porno book, well you really not!! But I think, the abnormality of Naoko… Continue reading NORWEIGAN WOOD By Haruki Murakami